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I have LITERALLY grown up in a hospital. Many hospitals. And laboratories. Besides all my own surgeries, etc. - both my parents worked in medical fields. My mom was a pathologist and medical examiner (which also explains my really warped sense of humor). I have a very unique view of the medical world from so many directions.

I have also spent way too much time in libraries, schools, museums... and therapy.

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Do you need a funny comic for your patients about getting an Ultrasound? Or tips for surviving an MRI? Or posters for your exam room that don’t scare the intestinal mucus out of your trapped victims? Oh, I mean… patients, of course!


My Inner Demons can explain anything. If not, they will create their own diagnosis. For example, the definition of an Aspergers Profile was "socially awkward, smart, over researches everything, and does-not-cannot-will-never-no-matter-how-hard-they-try… FIT IN. Anywhere." And just to prove how much we don’t fit in - the Big Book of Crazy deleted our Label and tossed us in as “An Autism Spectrum Disorder”. What?! The Inner Demons created their own label for Geeks like me. We are “Ostrobogs”. Be patient, they are working on the graphic novel! And it is SO much better than the DMV! No… the DM…? Nevermind! The Big Book of Crazy! 

Teachers and Lecturers

You need sketchnotes of your presentation to give to your students/attendees!

Libraries, Schools, Hospitals: Applied Cartooning is the answer to (just about) every problem. And I have a Masters in turning information into images. No, seriously. I have an actual MFA in Applied Cartooning. And a BFA in Illustration. It was that or Egyptology - cartooning is much more practical, of course.


    An exhibit of 144 drawings of my toys at the Children's Museum of NH

  • Ready, Set, GOrilla!

    Illustrated children's book for Spork imprint of Clear Fork Publishing

  • 4 Custom Certificates

    Retiring Arts4NH board members certificates

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Ready to Collaborate?

If you are interested in licensing art or comics that I have already created - this is what I live for!

Start by filling in the contact form below and let me know what you need (ie: a particular image or comic), what it will be printed on or where it will be appearing (ie: on t-shirts for an event or printed as 600 brochures for your waiting room), what is your budget or royalties paid, and any other useful information.

Also, proof that you are a good human, not a scammer, is required. If you don’t know how to prove it… well, I think we’ve answered THAT question? I have a $13,000 check, that I can never cash, taped to my computer to remind me that not all humans have my best interests at heart.

And I have an Amanda! If your motives are pure, and you have cool ideas - I’ll put you in touch with Amanda to work out the grown-up stuff. Don’t worry, she’s not one of the cartoon Team members, (although she does have a great sense of humor and is one of my favorite fellow Geeks) - she is a real, live lawyer.

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