The Creative Hive of Sandy B...

• Where great ideas take flight!

• (Because the Inner Demons left the door open, again.)

• There is always a cup of tea (forgotten) in the microwave.

• And a Neurodivergent Artist and her Tribe of Inner Demons are on a Quest to find the humor in Life, and other, not-so-funny things.

GeekyGirl at Work

or... Sandy B. at play? Same thing?

Hi! I'm a neurodivergent artist, illustrator, and cartoonist living in New Hampshire with my tribe of Inner Demons, my service dog Elsa Bear, and my daughter Lilah.

I make Art for people going through tough stuff - who need hope, joy, laughter - and to know they aren't alone.

I'm so glad you're here!

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With both my parents in the medical field, I've literally grown up in hospitals and labs, giving me a unique and humorous perspective. I offer funny comics for patients, tips for surviving MRIs, and engaging posters for exam rooms. Therapists, teachers, and librarians can benefit from my sketchnotes and applied cartooning expertise. Let's bring a fresh, entertaining approach to your educational and medical needs! Contact me to get started.