• SANDY B. (GeekyGirl)

    I love the GeekyGirl Oracle Deck! The large, colorful cards come in a velvet bag and are great prompts for journaling.

    Begin Again #6 - The Toy Issue is like your entire childhood told through toys (with a mini coloring book, and a mini print!)

  • HEART (SelfCare)

    Most stressful things can be fixed with a good coloring book! The Lilah Beans™ Coloring Book features my best pals and has a great range of simple to detailed drawings.

    And for Mindfulness, I love Zentangle®. The Tangles of Kells is my go-to for relaxing, fun, Celtic patterns to draw.

  • CDO (OCD)

    Definitely Blue Roo! A kid who insists on everything being one color? And puts labels everywhere? Albina is a girl after my own heart!

    So I like to organize, who doesn't? The ARTgenda has blank areas and lined areas for lists, comics, labels - anything you need to keep track of.

  • BEA B.

    I love Learning to Surf, it's not really about surfing - well, I guess it kind of is but it's really more of a metaphor for going with the flow and learning to work with what's thrown at you and not drowning in the constant waves of overwhelm and maybe making new friends too and OMG there is a lot in this little comic and FISH the angler fish is in here too - he has his own comic, called FISH which is really good too but this is my favorite, although it is really hard to choose....

    Which is why I also love the Decision Making Coin - everything is either a "Heck Yeah!" or a "nope." So simple. Although, it is now available as a charm on a necklace... oh how will I choose!?


    Why is QUO VADIS my favorite? Because it's all about me! Well, mostly me. There are a lot of comics about the Fireman too. He was the best, he made me cat food smoothies. So good.

    ELSA BEAR (TeddyBear)

    Stickers! Stickers! Stickahs! StickastickasticaSTICKAS!!!!! There's me and GeekyGirl and so many monsters! Monsters-monsters-monstahsmonstahs! Stickers!

Collection: Team Faves