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BLUE ROO - an original picture book comic book

BLUE ROO - an original picture book comic book

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The BLUE ROO comic book is 8.5x8.5 inches, 36 pages, and paperback. Book will be SIGNED, and includes four stickers.

BLUE ROO is a comic book-picture book hybrid about Albina (Al-BEE-nah), a girl who likes everything white. Her world is organized, labeled, clean, and predictable. But when her favorite white kangaroo stuffie is washed in the blue laundry, everything starts to fall apart.

This story shows how it feels to be a sibling, or a parent, (or a beloved stuffie!) - tiptoeing around a person who needs things to be a certain way.

"Albina liked everything WHITE."

And she really liked LABELS. Although I (the author) don't label her condition in the story... OCD?... Autism?... Perfectionism?... Fussy?... Albina is definitely Neurodivergent. She has a different view of the world, different sensitivities, and different coping skills. There are labels on her dresser drawers and in her story text. As she loses control, the labels start to twist and curl.
Spoiler Alert: there's a happy ending!  ;-)

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