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The Geeky Girl Oracle & Journaling Deck

The Geeky Girl Oracle & Journaling Deck

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The Geeky Girl Oracle Deck is a Neurodivergent Pack of Art Cards for Pondering and Journaling!

• Use the cards on their own, or with The Faux Tarot (listed separately) for extra clarification.
• Choose a card as a journaling prompt.
• Display all the cards on your walls (or refrigerator!)

The 32 cards are 3.5"x5" and come in their own purple velvet bag along with four, 1.5" stickers.

More info...

Each image includes Geeky Girl interacting with her environment, as well as a word prompt. There are lots of little details, Zentangles, play on words, subtle (or not subtle!) art references, as well as emotions. Being Neurodivergent can mean that your feelings are very complicated and don't really fit with the accepted label like "happy" or "angry". And although I have a difficult time explaining things to people with words, my superpower is drawing complicated things... "I don't know the right word to make you understand, but THIS is what the feeling looks like..."

That said - these cards make awesome journaling cards and would be very helpful for therapists, teachers... anyone who works with Visual Thinkers!

A Note on the title... No - you don't have to be a "girl" to use the cards! I personally have many cat-themed tarot decks, but I am not technically, a cat. I also have a Gummy Bear tarot! Again, I do not identify as a Gummy Bear, despite some physical similarities. I digress. And the word "oracle"... I'd use "insight cards" but no one would know what that meant. Use the cards however you feel comfortable - I hope they make you think and help you focus.
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