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The Faux Tarot deck of cards

The Faux Tarot deck of cards

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THE FAUX TAROT -- A neurodivergent Tarot deck with 31 cards, for unusual people!

The Faux Tarot deck - 31 cards - "Bridge" sized - 2.25 inches by 3.5 inches.
Come with velvet bag and two awesome stickers!

This deck was inspired by an Inktober challenge - draw a BW image based on a word prompt, every day for the month of October. I substituted a few word prompts from other drawing challenges, added the word "The" in front of the prompt, and turned it into a tarot card. I later added color.
I made a coloring book, enamel pins of some of the characters, and a decision making coin (all available separately in my shop).
They also work well my new Geeky Girl Oracle Deck!

These cards are meant to be humorous, and possibly, to make you think.
Have fun!
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