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PDF - 22 Panels That Always Work - Printable Poster

PDF - 22 Panels That Always Work - Printable Poster

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22 Panels That Always Work

I created these drawings as part of a challenge - to redraw/reinterpret the Infamous "Wally Wood's 22 Panels That Always Work" - in my own style with my own comics characters.

The "22 Panels" were cartoonist Wood's guidelines for fellow cartoonists to make boring comics panels much more interesting. They are especially useful for panels with static "talking heads" - too much dialog.

I used characters from my comics - the Demons, Geeky Girl, Greta and the Cookies... and I collected the 22 individual panels into a poster.

Actually two posters - a larger, 11x17 size as well as an 8.5x11 version.

Print out whichever size works best for you and post it over your work space to remind yourself to shake things up a bit.

Remember, the concept and text belongs to Wally Wood, the artwork is mine - so please don't copy! Be Inspired and make cool stuff!

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