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PDF - BEGIN AGAIN #4 - QUO VADIS - Where Are You Going? comic graphic novel

PDF - BEGIN AGAIN #4 - QUO VADIS - Where Are You Going? comic graphic novel

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This is the downloadable, PDF version of BEGIN AGAIN #4 - QUO VADIS.

The 2019 updated, revised version of my thesis comic from 2017.
Includes the full 12 months worth of daily comics, drawn in ballpoint pen.
120 pages

"For my Senior Thesis project I decided to chronicle my two years
at the the Center for Cartoon Studies, in comics. That covered not
only getting my Masters, but my experiences going back to school
as an - older - single mom.

And... Relationships... with my aging mother, my young daughter,
my college-age son, my friends back home, my classmates, my
Inner Demons, and my on-again-off-again crazy love relationship
with - "The Fireman". He actually was a fireman. Clever, right?

On top of ALL that, I decided to ALSO keep a daily comic
journal! Starting in August, before my Senior year, I made it to
March 1st. I printed and bound those 7 months for the Thesis
Review Committee. But I continued to fill the calendar, even after
graduating and moving back home.

You (will) now hold the new, revised - Complete Year - 12 months of
daily Joy and Doom. Please enjoy reading about my crazy life and I
hope it makes you feel a bit better about your own crazy life!"

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