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PDF - Inspiration Sketchbook #2 - Tangles of Santa Fe ebook

PDF - Inspiration Sketchbook #2 - Tangles of Santa Fe ebook

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Yoga for Your Brain™ Inspiration Sketchbook #2: The Tangles of Santa Fe is an ebook, around 48 pages, filled with great ideas for tangling or doodling. Each tangle (pattern) is clearly shown in steps and there are many ideas for how to use the patterns as well.

This ebook is meant for inspiration and does not include any instruction on how to create Zentangles®. There are tangles, patterns and doodles that you can use in your own work. I created this book for an art journal retreat in Santa Fe.

The file is in pdf format and is 3.8MB. The pages take a minute to load on an iPad because they are loaded with graphics, but they look crisp on screen and also print out beautifully on an inkjet or laser printer. The pages are designed to be printed onto 8.5x11" sheets of paper and folded. For my own copy, I glued the pages back to back, but only along the front edges. This way, the entire book can be viewed at once, accordion style. (see photo- the example shown is The Tangles of Kells)

Please note that this is a DIGITAL file (a PDF) meant to be viewed on your computer, not a physical copy of a book. The sample images show the front cover and three of the two page spreads.

If you are planning to print this out, please note that the covers use a lot of black ink. You may not want to print it if you wish to save ink. Print in landscape orientation (horizontal page), and also note that the pdfs each show a two page spread - that's TWO pages on each pdf page. The document thinks there are only 24 pages.

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