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PDF - Inspiration Sketchbook #3 - "The Bauble Tree" eBook

PDF - Inspiration Sketchbook #3 - "The Bauble Tree" eBook

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Inspiration Sketchbook #3: The Bauble Tree is a little ebook, about 35 pages, filled with great ideas for tangling or doodling. Unlike the first two Inspiration Sketchbooks, this one focuses on just one tangle, but gives lots of ideas and tips for composing, shading, and use of color. It shows the thought process behind two pieces of art and gives inspiration that you can apply to your own artwork.

This tangle, Bauble, has been applied to a "Christmas Tree" image in the ebook, but the instructions and ideas can be applied to any image and any time of year.

The file is in pdf format and is 4.5MB. The pages take a minute to load on an iPad because they are loaded with graphics, but they look crisp on screen and also print out beautifully on an inkjet or laser printer. The pages are designed to be printed (in landscape orientation) onto 8.5x11" sheets of paper and folded. For my own copy, I glued the pages back to back, but only along the front edges. This way, the entire book can be viewed at once, accordion style. (see photo - which shows pages from The Tangles of Kells).

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