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Tangle Cards - QuaranTangles

Tangle Cards - QuaranTangles

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A pack of 40+ Zentangle patterns combined with my 2020 Pandemic comics = QuaranTangles Tangle Cards!

Each card is 2.5x3.5" and they come in a clear, two-piece box designed to store and protect.

What began as a weekly drawing challenge, turned into a year-long, cartoon chronicle of the Pandemic. Jake Parker's Inktober52 challenged us to illustrate a word prompt each week, ink it, and post it to Instagram. Simple.
But my personal motto is "Anything worth doing, is worth over-doing." 
So I added in a few extra rules of my own:
• Include the word prompt in the drawing.
• Include myself/my glasses.
• Include a (somewhat) randomly chosen Zentangle® pattern.

It wasn't until the challenge was over and I looked back through the year that I realized the weekly drawings had become my comic journal of the pandemic-lockdown-quarantine-insanity.
Each of the 47 cards is 2.5"x3.5".

The front of each card features the tangle name at the top with a white box, for those who like to assign codes for types of patterns, etc. "ZT" means the tangle is considered a classic Zentangle pattern. "SB" ("Sandy Bartholomew") means it's a tangle from one of my books.

The back of each card shows step-outs - how to draw the featured pattern, the name of the tangle, and the number of the weekly word prompt.

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