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Tangles of Santa Fe - Printed Book

Tangles of Santa Fe - Printed Book

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Inspiration Sketchbook #2: The Tangles of Santa Fe is now available as a printed book!

Just over 50 pages, filled with great ideas for tangling or doodling. Each tangle (pattern) is clearly shown in steps and there are many ideas for how to use the patterns as well.

This book is meant for inspiration and does not include any instruction on how to create Zentangles®. There are tangles, patterns and doodles that you can use in your own work.

Please note that this is a physical copy of the book. The Tangles of Santa Fe is also available as a downloadable PDF.

The sample images show the front cover, title page and three of the two page spreads. There are a few new images in this printed version, that are not in the original ebook.

If you would like the book signed for someone, please note the name in the Notes section during checkout. :-)
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