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The Fright Before Christmas - comic book

The Fright Before Christmas - comic book

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"The Fright Before Christmas" is my comic interpretation of the original text from "The Night Before Christmas".

The original text reads... "Momma in her kerchief and I in my cap, had just settled our brains for a long winter's nap..."

Surely, Clement C. Moore was referring to Frankenstein's monster, right? Who else would "settle his brain"?!

Which leads one to wonder what Frank N. Steen's (Frankenstein's) Christmas would be like? What does HIS Santa Claus look like? And, if there is always a full moon in these stories... what would he look like on this particular night? Hmmm...

And what would happen if OUR Santa Claus showed up... the same night?

Read the book!

Oh - and you get a little sheet of stickers from the story too (while supplies last)

About 28 pages, color covers, B & W interior pages (drawn with a PaperMate ballpoint pen!)

(Let me know in the Shopping Cart Notes section if you'd like it signed.)
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